Saturday, 5 September 2015

Clanfield Cub Scouts

So as you all know by now, I'm involved in a community event called 'The Rucksack Project' in Portsmouth on 21st November at the Watersports Centre.  We are very pleased to be able to say that the Clanfield Cub Scouts Group have decided to join in with the event this year and get involved with donating rucksacks.
I approached the Cubs and discussed what we were trying to do.  Instead of the Cubs just bringing items in to donate, Akela thought it would be a good idea to give the Cubs an understanding of what it's really like to sleep on the streets and raise money at the same time.  

The Cubs are going to be holding a sponsored event 'Cubs Rough it for Rucksacks' in order to buy items to make rucksacks.  This is being held on 19th September, venue yet to be confirmed.  

The aim will be for the Cubs to spend a night sleeping under the stars, building a cardboard city to sleep in, but basically the Cubs and the elements!  After the sleep out, as a group they will decide between them what they think would be best to go in a rucksack for the homeless and where to spend the money to get the most out of it.

I'm so pleased the Cubs want to get involved, support the project and raise awareness of the plight of the homeless within the realms of learning. It's just bluddy amazing! I'm so so proud my nephew is going to be part of it all 😊

I'll keep you posted! 

Sammy xx

Just to recap in case you're new to the blog...
The Rucksack Project is not a charitable organisation but more of a movement borne out of a simple idea to help the homeless.  The official website address with more information is here... 
This is the third year running an event has been organised in Portsmouth, and this year I am taking part of the organisation.  The event itself is on Facebook here... last year we had over 1500 rucksacks donated and the event was a great success.
We will be collecting completed rucksacks, items to go in rucksacks and tins of food with ring pulls/packet food etc for the event, where they will be distributed to charities and homeless shelters in and around Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.  
The organisations benefitting from these items are - 
Camrose Centre
Society of St James
Portsmouth Vineyard
United Reform Church
Family Church
St Simons
Central Point
Hope House (Salvation Army)
Family Welfare 
Alabare ( Military Veterans) 

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